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NEWS- Autumn 2014

I find myself already in reflective mood, looking back on a year that has had (as one would expect) its good and bad points. I have established RHarrison Media
as a website detailing my current activities, concentrating on my Audio, Video and Promotional work.

Away from filmmaking, I'm working on a book of behind-the-scenes photographs from Hollywood in the 1920s-1950s. Please LIKE this page to keep up-to-date:

Candid Hollywood Book Facebook page

Later this year there will also be some of my own experimental work- including some I want to take to more film festivals and to put up on YouTube. I also feel very fortunate to have worked with some very talented people.

I still have a few copies of my book of short stories left. Titled 'Moments In Time', the 43 page book features four original stories. These are uncorrected proof copies, but I will not be printing any more of these. Eventually, I'm looking towards issuing a much larger book- but the Sal Mineo story here will not appear again, as it is stylistically different from the others. Copies of the book are available direct from me for 3 (4 postpaid in the UK).

I can be heard on Future Radio at the following times:-
Thursdays (9.30-12.00 Noon) with the 'The Morning Session' and
Saturdays (7.00-9.00 a.m.)- '1950s/1960s/1970s Music Show'.



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