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NEWS- Summer 2016

Some very exciting news coming very soon! In the meantime, The Summoning is doing the film festival circuit and I'm about to film another short. Several people have asked me- yes, I AM planning a this space!

Sorting through some film memorabilia recently I came across this fan-club letter from Monty Banks. Whether this was written by Monty himself is doubtful (he was born in Italy, and at the time this would have been written was still not fully au fait with English), but its sentiments are nevertheless very worthy ones. Banks came to the USA in 1918, and worked on a number of films directed by and starring Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle. Sadly, the survival rate of these films is so poor that Banks' skill cannot be easily assessed, but he WAS successful enough to form his own production company and direct himself in a few films.
When sound came to Hollywood in the late 1920s, Banks, along with many other non-native English speaking actors, found himself cast aside. He moved to England, and turned to directing. Monty Banks was responsible for films starring George Formby, Gracie Fields (who was to become Banks' second wife in 1940), and, in his last directorial outing, Laurel and Hardy's Great Guns . Nine years later, while on a train in Italy, he secumbed to a fatal heart attack. In Cesena, his home town, a foundation ensures his name will live on- for it promotes the creation of moving images from local boys.

Later this year there will also be some of my own experimental work- including some I want to take to more film festivals and to put up on YouTube.

I'm planning on writing some more short stories this year, and even some verse if I can.

I can be heard on Future Radio every Saturday (7.00-9.00 a.m.)- co-presenting the '1950s/1960s/1970s Music Show'.



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