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NEWS- Autumn/Winter 2020
It seems almost selfish to think of creative projects at a time such as this- but it is the only way- and I mean the only way for me to stay sane whilst all around lies chaos. Despite my editorial, I am actually looking forward - forward to the sunshine of 2021, forward to future projects...and forward to the end of the pandemic. I hope that we all can eventually close the year in togetherness and with the resolve to leave the unhappiness of 2020 behind us. It's a little premature- but here's to the future.


Looking back (as I am fond of doing), I note that 100 years ago- 1920- was a very interesting year for the Movies. Not only was it the year that a certain Alfred Hitchcock made his first appearance on the scene (albeit as a humble title designer for the lost short film The Great Day), it was the year that Buster Keaton made no fewer than 6 short films (though not the one illustrated!), two well-known names died aged 27- Robert Harron and Suzanne Grandais- and two landmark German horror films were released. Robert Wiene's The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Paul Wegener's The Golem are still key works of the genre today. In America, D.W. Griffith released Way Down East - and almost killed leading actress Lillian Gish in the process. In the current crisis, it's comforting to look back...and perhaps curling up one evening in late November with some silent movies isn't such a bad idea after all.

I'm working on exciting projects for 2021!

I'm determined to write more short stories next year!

I've teamed up with my good friend Jack Spence to make a radio series called 'The Weird and Wonderful' which you can access here, and I've also recorded two series of solo shows which you can access here




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