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NEWS- Spring 2017
I'm proud to announce that my short film A Heightened Sense of Perception has been officially selected for film festivals!

I know very few people for whom 2016 was a good year. But, it is time to banish it to the past and move forward. Lots of exciting things on the agenda for 2017- not least planning my first feature, moving house and finally making some shorts that have been in my mind (and actually ON my mind) for ages!
It is perhaps apt that this year marks 90 years since the release of Abel Gance's epic Napoleon. I was lucky enough to see some of this magnificent work when studying History at college, as our teacher had recorded the film on its first (and to date last) scneening on British television. I was captivated, and look forward to renewing my acquaintance with the film as soon as is possible. (There's a particularly good trailer- the link is below).
Talking of anniversaries, warm birthday wishes to Olivia De Havilland and Kirk Douglas- who both turned 100 last year. Back to this year- and have a great one. Keep in touch via social media, and there will be more films and news coming very soon. Whatever the future holds, we hope that it is good.

Napoleon trailer

More of my own experimental work to come this year- hopefully meaning more film festivals and more coverage.

I'm determined to write more short stories this year, and even some verse if I can.

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